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Sheppard’s ‘Bombs Away’ Opens Bay Doors To Feel-Good Fantasia

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Australian Indie pop boppers ‘Sheppard’ have worked long and hard to bring you something that rivals the majority and is as easy to listen to as the soft break of waves on a summer shoreline. Everything is green and ready to drop with ‘Bombs Away’.


Wielding a feel-good fantasia of a sound, the fourteen track LP lingers on the mind long after it has come to a close. Throughout the album, there is a definitive professionalism that flows through each song. Some may argue that it is simply that each song has been polished and received a careful spit shine in the studio. But in the eyes (and ears) of the public, it is hard to associate the notion with anything other than the truth, which is that these six musicians are simply very good at what they do.

 It is always a rarity to find a piece of music that is more than a great record. The majority can form a connection between a moment and a song but not many have the fortune to experience a piece of music that could not only frames a moment, but also create an event.

 Listening to hit singles such as “Geronimo” or “Something’s missing”, a listener could easily imagine themselves in a state of relaxation, whether that would be drinking pina caladas watching the sun fall behind the horizon or soaring down a scenery-set highway in a soft top Chevrolet Corvette (colour specs optional of course).

 Admittedly at times this metaphorical road can hit a few speed bumps here and there regarding slightly out of key singing styles with various tracks and certain choruses not making the adrenaline fuelled impact they seem to initially want to. With that in mind however, these slights being made noticeable doesn’t stop the songs success in terms of relatable lyrics and popular song structure which make them more than acceptable to a modern day audience.

 With the capability of Take That and the loveable nature of Olly Murs, there is no doubt this group will make a deafening impact on the mainstream music scene.

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Words by Nathan Roach