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Tighter Than Ever: Krisiun Return With 'Forged In Fury'

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Death metal stalwarts Krisiun are back with ’Forged in Fury’.  The Brazilian trio offer yet another slab of the old school but this time with a little more finesse.

Krisiun - Forged In Fury

Death metal is an ever-evolving genre, and Krisiun made their reviving contribution to the gene pool in the mid 90’s. By speeding up the old school’s no frills, adrenaline pumping style and injecting their own South American fire with a nod towards Pantera’s groves, Krisiun became synonymous with the Brazilian sound. Never ones to bend to prevailing trends, this sound became the basis of their nine album career.

In fact, the band is celebrating their 25 year anniversary. Krisiun are quite literally brothers in death metal. You, like me, may be wondering how a band survives so long without any personnel changes or succumbing to the ever present rot of staleness. Youngest brother Max (drums) says, “I think the fact that we are three brothers helps a lot.

When two of us are fighting the other brother will always try to calm the others down. We have been playing together for so long that our personal relationships have improved a lot. We learned to talk things out instead of fighting. Also, the chemistry we have created playing together for so many years makes it easier to write songs and keep the band’s style”.

2011’s ‘The Great Execution’ saw tighter song writing and a refinement of their approach, particularly Moyses Kolesne's guitar work which had a slight tendency to lose focus. ’Forged in Fury’ carries on this process and as a result allows more nuance to shine through the hellish racket. Staccato riffs and blast beats are still the standard in the Krisiun camp but the arrangements are more complex and there is more room to breathe.

For the first time in the bands history you can actually hear Alex Carmago’s Bass playing. Why it was hidden in the mix for so long is baffling as it adds a whole extra layer that gives this album a distinct character in comparison to their other releases. Guitar work is tightened even relative to ‘The Great Execution’ and tracks boast distinct passages that are a deviation from the constantly neck snapping pace Krisiun usually keep.

“Timeless starvation” is the highlight, it’s simple yet undeniably catchy riff provides those with the inclination the perfect rhythm to tear up your belongings in death metal ecstasy.  At 52 minutes however, this album perhaps overstays its welcome just a little.

Still stubbornly flying the flag for old school death metal, Krisiun have released the album that redefines their storied career and cements their position as a vital force in the devil’s favourite music.

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Words by Adam Dernie.