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The Sound Of The Underground According To Hummune

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

The underground metal scene in the UK just now is thriving.  It’s probably healthier than it’s been in years and if you’re prepared to scratch the surface and delve beyond the mainstream, major label bands you’ll find a plethora of great bands waiting to be discovered.  Most of them either self releasing their work or putting it out through small, independent labels, the quality is for the most part so high that these bands are far more exciting and interesting than their mainstream counterparts.  Hummune are one such band.


Formed in 2009, the Southampton metallic trio are set to release their sophomore album, 'Face the Fall' this month.  Taking influences from such bands as Gojira, Mastodon, Prong and Helmet but never actually sounding like one in particular, the lads from down South have another fine release on their hands (the first was 2012’s Crafted in Darkness).

'Face the Fall' is not only a better album than 'Crafted in Darkness' but it seems more focused and to the point.  With eight tracks clocking in around the 40 minute mark this album neither feels rushed nor outstays it’s welcome and the band’s song writing has improved as well.  While the album starts with probably the heaviest and most straight forward songs like lead single, "Deity" or "Destroyer of This Crown", it’s the second half of the album in particular caught my attention the most.

"Vermillion" is a slower track and the longest one on offer at just under eight minutes and in my opinion the most interesting one on the whole record.  "Bastard Son of Zeus" (another slow one) is another highlight, while "Olive" is a short interlude preceding the more melodic one-two of "Trapped" (featuring somewhat Lemmy-esque vocals) and the title track to round off the album in fine form.

There’s faster/slower (whatever your preference), heavier or more progressive bands out there but Hummune are a genuinely interesting band worthy of your time.  'Face the Fall' is a solid album so do yourself a favour and check these guys out.  Support the underground. To find out more about Hummune
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click here. Words by Stuart Patterson