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George Ezra At The Somerset House Summer Series... He Just Gets Better & Better

George Ezra is a man who needs no introduction. Singer/songwriter, and chart success, he’s exceeded any reasonable expectations of a 22 year old inter-railing across Europe with a guitar, but  numerous top 40 singles and a number 1 album later, Ezra continues to sell out shows both at home and abroad, making him one of the most sought after acts on the scene right now.

This year he was picked, alongside the likes of James Bay and Kwabs, to headline one of a series of shows at the Somerset House Summer Series, an intimate run of gigs played by some of the UK’s most exciting acts in the courtyard of the house. The handpicked acts all seem to fit the exquisite venue, and Ezra’s deep bluesy tones were no exception.

George Ezra seems to have reached a level of success which is now his own worst enemy. Despite playing many of his most prolific songs, you still went away feeling as though there were a few you would’ve liked to have heard. Despite the set seeming to be limited to just over an hour, it’s only a compliment to his meteoric rise that he already has to play a set of his “best bits”, that can leave some great songs missing out.

There are a select number of artists whose voice alone is enough to translate everything in a live set. They don’t need huge production, to dance around or an entourage of backing singers to give off energy through their gig, and Ezra is one of these, an artist whose voice is almost better live than on the record, a huge compliment if you’ve heard ‘Wanted on Voyage’.

Chart music often takes a hammering these days, and with some of it, justifiable so. For me though, the Summer Series goes some way to proving some of the genuine musical talent that can achieve chart success. Ezra’s set takes you on an equally fulfilling journey as his album and leaves you feeling as though you’ve been through a similar experience that inspired him to write the album. Despite the huge venues and masses he’s reaching, his music is still just as intimate and relatable as it was ‘pre-Budapest’ release.

Having listened both to the album numerous times, and with the added experience of seeing him live, there’s no doubt in my mind that with this man there’s an awful lot to get excited about. You’d have to go some way to find an artist in the Ezra’s field who has both the live charisma, and musical maturity as he does. Listening to him now only fuels my excitement for what is to come next.

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Words by Thomas Schofield