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Tremonti’s ‘Cauterize’ Burns Through The Competition

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Returning with a second solo release, there seems to be nothing that can hold back the speed metal quartet from success and recognition within the rock world. Ready to burn out the infectious fear of losing direction, Tremonti turn up the heat with ‘Cauterize’.


Each song holds a gritty dramatic emphasis with a mass collection of powerful polyrhythms carefully wrapped around each roaring riff and catchy chorus. The already accomplished musician through his years of playing with the infamous Creed and Alterbridge, seems to have a small form of their signature trademark sound imprinted in the back of his mind.

Although he may have trouble escaping old playing habits, it is quite an impressive feat to still bring something different to the table. Taking a slightly darker and heavier path than previous projects, the album content not only holds your attention with the masculine presence of Mark Tremonti’s passionate vocals, but produces a thick needle to inject the audience with a healthy dose of speed metal appreciation.

Like the thick tension before a runner sets off behind the line, the first track comes in like the blast of the starting gun. “Radical Change” sets off, furiously ripping at the guitar strings with chugging speed accompanied by the melodic overtone of Mr Tremonti as he cries of ‘turning your back on the whole world’.

Reaching the bend, “Flying Monkeys” slows the pace but increases the weight of each rocking head, highlighting to ‘throw the past away’ and exactly how to master that grungy swaying motion.

Velocity regained, “Cauterize” rips in as the most infectious and successful song on the album. Adrenaline fuelled breaks together with the vibrating vibrato brought together to ‘make us pure again’.

The paced rhythm of shoe soles smacking Astroturf gel stylishly with the bodily beat of “Arm Yourself”. The snare snaps of Garrett Whitlock make an aggressive stance within this track. Carrying the tempo with nothing held back, it was a smart decision to include this talented drummer in the new LP’s recording.

Slowing to a relaxed rate of knots, “Dark Trip” deliberately drops to a comfortable anthem modulation, expressing the common thoughts of being denied trust or having it mistreated in a likely successful attempt to have their listeners relate.

The remainder of the LP (including tracks “Another Heart”, “Fall Again” and “Sympathy) are prime examples of the rock repertoire guitarist Eric Friedman has to offer alongside Mr Tremonti. All strong songs which admittedly almost mirror his Alterbridge amigos, but still find a comfortable place in his solo work in regards to song set-up, making the comparison less noticeable.

Finishing strong and fast over the finish line, the second release from Tremonti holds no disappointments. A fine example of the impressive skills and contribution that he makes towards the rock scene (as well as a constant reminder of the exceptional company he keeps).

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Words by Nathan Roach