REVIEW album 3 By Design Enemy

LA's 3 By Design Bring It Loud & Fast with 'Enemy'


3 By Design

3 By Design is a group of 20 something rockers that hail from the LA area and the four-piece outfit was brought together in a pretty non-traditional way. Two members met in the employee lounge at their day job at Best Buy and they found the other two through a Craig’s List ad. The amazing thing is they only formed in 2014 and they sound like they’ve been playing together since they could walk. This is a seriously tight group of musicians.

Their new EP 'Enemy', the follow-up to their first independent EP, 'Under The Surface' is filled with cool riffs, pounding heavy sections, as well as good dose of melody and emotion.

The first song “Make You Right” starts off with some serious guttural vocals right out of the gate. With thunderous percussion and a commanding chorus, this song screams power. Next up is the guitar driven “Deep” with pounding drums and souring vocals. With “Man at the Wheel” you get harder leaning melodies in this lyrically empowering song. The title track “Enemy” with an immediately catchy chorus takes the vibe even deeper. Lastly, singer Jon’s storytelling takes a more personal turn with the haunting “Aurora.”

You can hear in every note that 3 By Design are hungry and passionate. They are doing their thing and they are doing it well.