REVIEW album ImSoMaleek InsomniaK

ImSoMaleek - 'Lois Lane' From Insomniak



Who said R&B was dead? The classic stylings of this widely stretched genre have arguably seen their best days back in the 90s, but the Bronx born and raised artist ImSoMaleek is resurrecting the style with his blend of contemporary production and old-skool sounds.

Fans of early Usher work will instantly love ImSoMaleek, with every track on 'InsomniaK', especially the soulful and seductive 'Lois Lane'.

ImSoMaleek is a master of croon and charm, doing just that to his listeners as well as the fictional 'Lois Lane' of the song's name. It's a track of passion, heat and sexiness, made groovy and funk-esque with the warbling bass line that sits subtly in the background. A delicate piano line lies over the top at times during the track, enticing audience into the memorable chorus. You can't help but nod your head or tap your foot to this one - it's infectious.

This is all before we've mentioned Maleek's vocals which fluctuate up and down like a smooth rollercoaster, showing off his range towards the end which gives off a definitive John Legend vibe.

Overall, 'Lois Lane' is a highlight from ImSoMaleek's outstanding new album which is a must listen, not just for R&B fans, but lovers of quality music too.

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