REVIEW album Twister 64 White Lies (Single)

Twister Ready To Rock You To Your Bones

64 White Lies (Single)


Twister, the high-octane rockers, have just released ’64 White Lies’, a banger of a song that will make you want to rock out as if you were front and centre down by the stage.

Twister are from Durham, UK, they have made a name for themselves for their genuine music complete with clever guitars and stand out melodies, as well as their impassioned live performances. They have received praise from bands like Status Quo and Surface Unsigned.

’64 White Lies’, is jam-packed with heavy riffs and memorable hooks, delivered with a nod to prog rock and plenty of grit to take it out of the overly affected range. The production is tight and clever, yet still translates the incredible authenticity and showmanship delivered in Twister’s live performances.

If you love music that rocks you to the bones, Twister will impress you with ’64 White Lies’.