REVIEW album SLOTHRUST Peach (Single)

Slothrust Serve Sweetness With Visceral Attitude

Peach (Single)


Slothrust are not your average US alt rock outfit where you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re back in the 90’s - and that’s ok because what they deliver is much more experimental and creative. And, yes, there is also a pleasing, knowing nod to what’s gone before but with a freshness that is all their own - added artistic Vitamin ‘X’, if you will, thrown in, to boot.

Self-diagnosed as ‘versatile and agile’ in their live shows the LA based band, originally from Boston are also not afraid to power up the guitar riffs even when (famously) covering Britney’s "Baby One More Time". In their unique musical blender, the result is a very astute, imaginative, powerful concoction that fuses artistic wordplay with real visceral attitude and a grungey undercurrent.

So it is with their latest single “Peach”- from their critically acclaimed album 'The Pact'. For one moment you are falsely led to believe it’s a soft lament to a dreamy childhood with corresponding wordplay but then, unexpectedly, you get roughly pelted with a huge rock encrusted pop hook and screeching distortion. The video too, underscores this cleverness with kind of faux Disney saccharin cartoon elements which, on one level, are like a trippy narcotic daydream about being a kid - but on the other are at odds with the tension of the hard-hitting musical roars.

Musical mille-feuille. Many sweet layers - all delicious and expertly made.