REVIEW album My Life Story Taking On The World (Single)

'Taking On The World': Life Affirming, Musical Perfection

Taking On The World (Single)

My Life Story

The first single from the forthcoming new album (themes are ‘love, loss & telescopes’) needed to be a corker to keep the band's loyal cult following happy, and epic pop pioneers My Life Story have certainly delivered.

The gorgeous, soaring, orchestral euphoria of 'Taking On The World' (using a 40 piece orchestra recorded via Skype) sweeps the listener up in a flurry of high-kicks, bursting hearts and sweetly beautiful lyrics. The song is penned by flamboyant and uber-talented frontman Jake Shillingford; he air-punchingly urges us to ‘Dance in twilight, across the fault lines’ with such wonderful optimistic ease you almost forget the general theme (and indeed the theme of their forthcoming album 'World Citizen' on Sept 6th) is about having a pop at the weird times we're all going through at the moment: fake news, corruption and horrid oddities aplenty. And yet this song brims with positivity and optimism and empowerment.

'Taking on The World' is the My Life Story comeback fans have been waiting almost 20 years for and promises to be electric in a live setting when the band hit the road in November. Lush, quirky, heartfelt pop at its finest. Hook-laden, life affirming, musical perfection.