REVIEW album My Life Story Broken (Single)

My Life Story - Being 'Broken' Has Never Sounded This Good

Broken (Single)

My Life Story

My Life Story serve up another glittering slice of delightfully clever and quirky pop. This always underrated ‘Britpop’ band have returned from a 19-year album hiatus, rewarding their die-hard fans with epic opus, 'World Citizen', and in-turn the infectious, fresh and bouncy pop sounds of one of its many highlights, 'Broken'.

Frontman Jake Shillingford’s lyrics can always be relied upon for excellence, “I wear my heart up upon my sleeve, I keep ‘em rolled up for all to see, but when did you ever believe in me?... I’m looking on the bright side, I’m only broken on the inside…”. It highlights our individual fragility as we portray only our 'best selves' and hide the hurt pretty deep. Admit it - you do too.

His vocal is silky and on-point and the acoustic guitar weaving into the overall sound upliftingly. Despite being slightly melancholic in theme- quite honestly being broken has never sounded this good. The ‘Oh-uh’ chanting of the chorus invites tipsy sing-alongs at MLS’s always superbly fun live shows.

We’ve come a long way since '12 Reasons Why', but MLS’s music is even more catchy, perfect and fabulous in 2019 and we should collectively appreciate their contribution to UK music canon much, much more. Download 'Broken' and then if you haven't already get the album 'World Citizen' and appreciate finely crafted, insightful, filmic pop at it's best.