REVIEW album Teri Sillo Plus or Minus You (EP)

Teri Sillo Shines With New Release 'Feel For You'

Plus or Minus You (EP)

Teri Sillo

Combine afrobeat with elegant modern pop, and you get 'Feel For You' by Teri Sillo. It is a release which will take you on a journey into a warm and radiant place.

The track is the first release I have heard this year from Teri Sillo. It made me feel great from the first listen, and I could not help but feel the spring air hitting my face. The track is a recent example of what the U.K. music scene has to offer with Teri in great form.

'Feel For You' starts with a catchy melody and a smooth vocal from Teri who expresses how much she feels for a special loved one. That emotion does hit home with the rawness and honesty within her voice. There is a definite African vibe to this track. But, it also has hints of commercial pop in there too, which makes it unique in its own right.

If I had to compare it to anyone else in the industry currently, I couldn't. Nevertheless, you can hear influences from pop greats like Emile Sande creeping out in various places. I even could hear similarities to Jess Glyn across the track. Especially within the harmony sections of the song.

Overall, it was a tremendous feel-good listen. My only qualm is that after a while, it did get a little repetitive. But, it does work, and I will be playing this a lot over the next coming months. You can listen to 'Feel For You' below.