REVIEW album Layke Tonight Can't Be The Last Time (Single)

Layke Delivers Edgy But Accessible Electro Pop With 'Tonight Can't Be The Last Time'

Tonight Can't Be The Last Time (Single)


Layke is not your average pop star –she is bit more ‘left of centre’ shall we say and thank goodness for that. Her music is very dancey party electro with lyrics that reflect love, life and the LGBTQI community. This rising talent has collaborated with legendary rapper Snoop Dogg for a version of Marshmello and Bastille’s ‘Happier,’ Her latest single is the mellow electro pop track ‘Tonight Can’t Be The Last Time’, the second single after ‘Bad Things’ from her forthcoming EP ‘Frequency’.

Layke embodies both the ‘cool’, yet accessible, both in sound and in appearance (signature lavender hair is just one of her fab features). She is also a staunch advocate for all who feel different or an ‘outsider’. To that end her previous single ‘Bad Things’ was more edgy and addressed feeling like you’re marginalised and how to front up to such attitudes . ‘Tonight Can’t Be The Last Time’ is rather more of a chilled yearning to be with that special someone at all times and be important in their world.

Musically the track starts quite trippy and picks up pace and vibe, punctuated with a very radio friendly catchy chorus. Lyrically it perfectly snap shots those feelings of being ‘moths drawn to a flame’ when in the presence of a charismatic someone and we can’t, and don’t want to, break orbit. To be connected to someone else’s very being, wanting to immerse yourself in it and never wanting it to end. We’ve all been there, right?

If you like your pop electro and slightly edgy but accessible and with relatable lyrics then download this track. Better still, go and check out all of Layke’s work to date. You won’t be disappointed. What’s more, you’ll have discovered an emerging star on the rise you can brag about.