REVIEW album Benedict Sinister I've Come To Tell You I'm Going Away (Single)

Benedict Sinister Channels Serge Gainsbourg's Genius With 'I've Come To Tell You I'm Going Away'

I've Come To Tell You I'm Going Away (Single)

Benedict Sinister

French /Australian music artist, producer, poet and video creator Benedict Sinister's third single, "I've Come to Tell You I'm Going Away" is a translation of the 1973 track by French musical legend Serge Gainsbourg and is Benedict's homage to the great break-up songs.

Benedict is what I’d consider an ‘artist’s artist’, a creative, witty extravagant power-house… and hell raiser to boot - apparently his concerts sometimes become parties, or are just skipped in favour of parties! ( I wonder how lockdown is treating him....?!)

Sinister’s twist on the song features a new spoken word segment, with a shout out to his top 10 artists representing break ups with class, from Hemingway to Lana Del Rey. He has described his own sound as ‘an eclectic bouquet of lyrical miracles that intrigue the psyche and enrich the cosmos’ -which seems as good a description as any. He operates in a unique genre of his own making, of "Adaptations," "Old School Post-Modernism" and "Inappropriation."

If this all sounds a bit too quirky and art-house for you then I beg you not to be put off, if anything, head to YouTube and enjoy the music to the accompanying video. Sinister is about the experience as a whole, ‘channelling genius’… and to be sure, it’s an enriching audio visual experience. The video shows Gainsbourg's house in Paris over the course of a decade, as each year passes a new covering of graffiti replaces the artworks underneath – and Benedict Sinister’s rich, smoky voice creates the narrative. Recommend.