REVIEW album Layke Going Out On A High (Single)

Layke’s Single 'Going Out On A High' - A Hypnotic Dancefloor Anthem AND A Call To Action

Going Out On A High (Single)


You may have heard Layke’s collaboration with Snoop Dogg on a unique version of Marshmello and Bastille's ‘Happier’ – of course it’s a banger and a total earworm. If uplifting, cool vibes with some serious thought behind them are your thing, look Layke up.

Although this is smooth pop of the highest order, she quotes Shirley Manson as one of her idols, and the sound on new single ‘Going Out On A High’ does share a dreamy quality that you might find on some of the tracks on ‘2.0’ or ‘Beautiful Garbage’. And the production is certainly slick - Layke worked with producer Adrian Gurvitz (Andra Day, The Bodyguard soundtrack, Stevie Wonder) on her 2 Eps!

‘Going Out On A High’ has plenty of heart, it speaks of the current state of the world, and as Layke says, ‘not standing idly by and watching them tear it down’. Its as much a song as a call to arms, a statement of intent: ‘I’m sick of praying for peace, while they tie our hands, burning olive branches, they bought the fire so we’ll bring the gasoline…in these tortured times I keep on fighting, the beat keeps me moving on…”. Layke’s new single is a beautiful, hypnotic dancefloor anthem AND a call to action. Highly recommend.