REVIEW album Gustav Hoyer Adventure At Sea (Single)

Gustav Hoyer Sails High On "Adventure At Sea"

Adventure At Sea (Single)

Gustav Hoyer

If anyone is looking for a new modern age classical composer to follow, look no further than Gustav Hoyer. Born in Denver, Colorado, his love of classical music was started by his junior year music theory class, and now that introduction has led to him receiving multiple music degrees and studying with some of the most celebrated composers of our time. Hoyer’s mission is to break the stereotype of classical music by combining his love for both music and technology to create a sound that truly impacts the listener, no matter their reservations about classical music.

A great example of Hoyer’s groundbreaking work is his latest single, “Adventures at Sea”. With the help of Hungarian composer Peter Pejtsik and the Budapest Film Orchestra, Hoyer is able to bring this modern-day sea song to life. The song relies heavily on its string and brass instruments in the beginning to give the music a powerful feel while having subtle notes from the woodwinds and percussion, both of which become more prevalent as the song progresses. As a classical percussionist myself, I personally enjoyed the underlying bongo part that went on throughout the middle of the song. The composition has both eerie and triumphant parts that aid in bringing the listener through the story that Hoyer is portraying. His technological and compositional abilities are on full display in this piece and gives the listener something insanely enjoyable to listen to.

Personally, I really enjoy symphonic music, but I know not many people share that opinion. I truly believe that Gustav Hoyer brings something new to classical music that everyone can enjoy in some aspect, even if they don’t particularly like the genre. He breaks the mould of Bach chorales and the songs of Mozart that everyone was forced to listen to in grade school with powerful orchestral pieces that grasp their listeners and take them through a truly fascinating musical experience. With his other singles, albums, and his podcast titled Anachronism, there is so much content for people to consume from Hoyer, and I don’t think anyone will regret giving this new take on classical music a try.

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