REVIEW album Untold Poet Don't Understand (Single)

Untold Poet Captivates With 'Don't Understand'

Don't Understand (Single)

Untold Poet

Residing in Essex, Untold Poet catapults out of his native county with his latest delivery, 'Don't Understand'. Here he fuses contemporary rap with nostalgic hip hop beats, and he pushes through with strength.

Kicking off, Untold Poet delves deep into his rap tool kit, and he returns with treasure. Furthermore, his vocal is omnipotent, and he tells the world exactly how it is. He does not understand what is going on; he does not understand some people's naivety and ignorance and gets his message across, speaking with clarity.

His tone is unique, and it is stimulating to hear an artist who does not conform to the status quo. Furthermore, Untold Poet fits into a post-genre category with him bringing a fresh zest to the counter. He also wears his heart firmly on his sleeve and never minces his words with each word resonating.

Musically, 'Don't Understand' leaks emotion. Also, Untold Poet stays loyal to his sound while taking a few hints from the greats who have walked before him. The gentle and serene piano lead gives the track a contagious warmth, and the beat often switches rhythm. The structure keeps the excitement flowing, and it stays away from any form of predictability.

Towards the latter, Untold Poet gets even more profound with him reiterating his message of the world we live in currently. Also, the music picks up momentum, and the cadence cements itself deep. But, is this the best yet from Untold Poet? It is certainly up there with his most compelling.