REVIEW album Freya Alley Big Wild World (Single)

Freya Alley's Dark Pop Adventure

Big Wild World (Single)

Freya Alley

Freya Alley is the London singer-songwriter who consistently raises the bar of modern pop. Her latest release 'Big Wild World' is no exception with it fascinating the listener from the get-go.

Cinematic and ambient is the best way to describe this fresh release. It has a theatrical feel which grips from the very first second. So much so, it will not be a surprise to discover a music supervisor picking this one up for a film score. It has a dramatic soundscape which is irrefutable, and the dark and harrowing theme pushes through with fearless quality.

Vocally, Freya leaves the mouth watering with her rare tone gliding with piercing character. Her passion is evident, and she sings with her heart on her sleeve, taking no prisoners on the way. Her story compels too with the singer explaining the reality of living in the big world. She feels isolated, potentially lonely too with the rest of the world speeding past her. An ex-lover consumes her thoughts, and the track is a passage to a new life.

As the track progresses, the feeling of rebirth begins, and the music picks up with a healthy pace. The drums arrive, and they come big and bold with them catapulting out of the mix with strength. Also, Freya lends another agile performance leaving the replay button itching to be touched.

On a final note, 'Big Wild World' brings a fresh and modern presence to the pop game. It is not a mirror of any other track in the scene, and although Freya takes an influence from the greats who have come before, she stays loyal to herself, and her vision pays off massively.