REVIEW album Marq Electronica Crazy Fool (Single)

Part-Human, Part-Machine: Marq Electronica Drops ‘Crazy Fool’

Crazy Fool (Single)

Marq Electronica

Marq Electronica everybody, is the charismatic North-East solo artist you need to discover. His music is perfect for all ages and all temperaments; there really is something for everyone.

His latest track 'Crazy Fool' is an epic dance song to really sink your teeth into. You would be well and truly crazy not to turn the volume loud on this one. Yet beneath the showman surface, there's a fragility to be found in this artist. Marq Electronica clearly has a high level of emotional intelligence to pen songs that can appeal to so many at once.

He is an excellent social observer and a true artist in the sense of being able to capture elements of life in words and music. He's a disco poet who feeds our souls with rich dance-pop about themes from everyday life. Take his last track 'Wildlife' for instance; this was all about observing life go by while you're feeling like you're at a dead end... 'I don't drive a posh car / My job sucks I won't go far / I don't look like a rockstar'.

'Crazy Fool' on the other hand, is about desire, and that feeling of being in awe of somebody. We've all been there! An insatiable vocal chop chorus will have you throwing your hands up; this is another celebration of being imperfectly human. His music might be ‘electronica’ and he might sometimes have the aura of a machine with his stylised robot logo accompanying him; yet there’s something so very human at the core of Marq’s vision.

Make sure to check out the gorgeous video to go alongside this!