REVIEW album Gustav Hoyer Terra (Single)

Gustav Hoyer Unveils Terra, The Bringer Of Life!

Terra (Single)

Gustav Hoyer

Gustav Hoyer, a Colorado-based classical composer, has interest in both classical music and technology. This combination has created a lifelong journey for both Gustav and his listeners. Founder of the Los Angeles-based Orchestra Unleashed, Hoyer has built a growing discography available for any person aiming to be transcended into an almost-cinematic universe.

His latest release, “Terra,” is a complement to Gustav Holst’s piece “The Planets.” Hoyer describes his piece as an homage to our home, taking in all of the wonderful little parts of life. His abundance of strings in the introduction of the song allow for the listener to be immediately encaptured by the accessibility of the piece. The piece goes on to be a dynamic story, with many sections, all completely different from one another. Some of the themes sound haunting or eerie, while others sound pleasant, innocent, and adventurous. This piece is reminiscent of Alexandre Desplat or Alan Silvestri, two composers known for creating an entire universe within their works.

Hoyer describes music as something that “binds us to another person,” that we “literally and figuratively resonate together” when sharing music. “Terra” helps guide us in our individual journeys to connect with and appreciate our Earth.

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