REVIEW album .wavrunner Snake Eyes (Single)

.Wavrunner Cheekily Throw The Dice With Hip Hop Tastic 'Snake Eyes'

Snake Eyes (Single)


Here I am again with U.S. filthy gobbed U.S. dirty pop trio trip .wavrunner and their third UK single ‘Snake Eyes’ . The single follows a similar hip hoppy, dirty pop, path as previous singles ‘uh huh I like it’ and ‘Joyride’. Ok now buckle up, buttercup.

Anyone familiar with this band know it will be a ‘parental advisory’ stickered affair – full off effs and jeffs and, yes, some misogynistic hip hop parlance. No one is after any politically correctness here. This is understood. You listen to .wavrunner (don’t forget the dot!) on the understanding that your sensibilities and gentile-ness are checked in at the door and you turn down granny’s hearing aid. It’s the aural equivalent of announcing on Facebook that your parents are on holiday and you’re having a party at their house. All are welcome! …Cue bodies piled high, dirt, filth, booze, booty and lord knows what until someone calls the cops….

Musically the track starts off rather calmly with what sounds like the lapping waves of the ocean and then it moves into a more bass heavy, funky vibe which is quite infectious. The lyrics, yes, are indeed fruity and would be offensive to some, but fans of this hip hop-tastic pop genre lap all this stuff up as part of a playful unreal narrative (one would hope.) It is all about winning, ‘hoes’, booty and behaving badly. More than that, though, it is about taking a leap, metaphorically rolling the dice, taking a chance and going for it. Life is too short. There's a lot to be said for that although the lyrics belie the ages of the young guys singing the song “All my life, roll the dice!” – did make me inwardly chuckle, (being sung by a 20 something - I have tee shirts that are older than this band).

No-one can knock them for their confidence though, and after the year or so we’ve all had with a global pandemic, the sentiment of having fun and lapping up life again is, indeed, appealing. Oh why not – add this to your fun and fruity ‘F**k it, I’m Havin’ Fun’ playlist and turn it up loud as you crack open a beer and start the weekend wayyyy too early.