REVIEW album Marq Electronica Spirit Of The Shaman

New Track From One Of My Favourite Electronic Artists: Marq Electronica

Spirit Of The Shaman

Marq Electronica

With so many incredible songs in Marq Electronica’s repertoire, it is very difficult to choose a favourite. Difficult is not the same as impossible, though. While my favourite changes from week to week, the one I find myself gravitating to most often is ‘Bad Bones.’ Yet now a new single is on the block - and 'Spirit Of The Shaman' might just be the best yet!

This new track has so many different layers to it. From the beat to the instruments to the flow of the track, it has every ingredient that makes a ‘favourite track’ for me.

The beginning of the track sounds like echoes in a desert at midnight. Marq’s vocals are haunting and add to the eerie feeling. It does not stay that way for long. Once the beat kicks in, an entirely new feel comes into play. The guitars add a bit of funk and the electronic beeps in the background add an alien twist to the track. All of that with a little synth thrown in for good measure and you have a track that is irresistible.

This is just one of many great songs from this powerhouse, electronic artist. Make sure to listen to ‘Spirit Of The Shaman’ now and don't miss the amazing video too!