REVIEW album Raphael Klemm Sorry Dear World (Single)

Raphael Klemm

Sorry Dear World (Single)

Raphael Klemm

Raphael Klemm gives his fans a fresh squeeze of new music with his latest release, 'Sorry Dear World'.

'Sorry Dear World' synergises Raph's rock and roll influences into one, and he charms with mesmerising ability from the moment his new record kicks off. It is a sturdy release from the mature musician, and he proves that he means big business in 2021. Also, 'Sorry Dear World' is just one of the many gems to come from the rocker in recent times.

Raph, clearly influenced by some of the world's best artists and singers, takes what he loves about music and adds a new and unique touch that is quite beautiful. As a result, if you enjoy music that draws inspiration from various sources, you will undoubtedly enjoy this one.

The singer's mic lets off a lot of power. Furthermore, Raphael's vigour becomes even more in-depth as the track progresses, and he gives it his all in the last moments. Similarly, the music gains up speed, and the drums slam into the speakers with a loud thud while the guitar crunches through the airwaves with an edge.

So, where does Raph go from here? Hopefully, there will be more releases like this. It's powerful, and the energy radiates from every note. Is it, however, going to be an everlasting classic or a 2021 flash in the pan? Only time will tell, but with the level of quality on show here, it will come as no surprise if this one soars in the months ahead.