REVIEW album Freelevel New Year Song (Single)

Freelevel Kick Off 2022 With 'New Year Song'

New Year Song (Single)


The guitars are ringing out, the mood is positive, and the drums are thunderous! It can only mean one thing, Freelevel are in town, smashing it here with their 'New Year Song'.

Letting go of the past, frontwoman Anna removes all worries and enjoys herself on this delivery. The fresh track from the Swedish group is the kickstart many of us need for 2022. It is joyous, and not only does it allow us to leave the past behind us, but it also excites us about the road ahead!

Vocally, Anna is in top form, and she proves to have the golden touch with her contemporary pop tones, leaving an indent in our ear. Also, we hear the perfect amount of backing harmonies here to add to the already solid message echoing out of Anna's vocal cords. The energy also picks up as the track progresses within the vocal space and the music. Although the guitar is somewhat very sharp compared to the other aspects of the production, it is the only thing that sounds a little iffy, and a little more mid frequencies here and there would have worked wonders.

Overall, as far as new year songs go, this one from Freelevel is up there with the most potent. The passion is palpable, and it is the perfect way to start 2022. Also, it gives us a strong indication of what to expect from the band, who are likely to drop even more releases as the year gets underway.