REVIEW album Spider Plant Welcome (Single)

Spider Plant Releases New Single, 'Welcome'

Welcome (Single)

Spider Plant

Spider Plant is back, and he arrives with a bang! His new release, 'Welcome,' is electronic juice blended with various styles and sounds to produce an experience unlike any other you've had before! It is an escape train, and it will take you away from the chaos of your thoughts and into a world of fresh perspectives.

'Welcome' begins with the sound of rain falling on us, then gradually quietens, almost as if our worries were leaving our minds, and fades into the distance to make space for the arrival of a nail-biting piano arrangement. A synth then rumbles its way to the forefront of the mix, bringing with it a broken sounding vocal sample that resonates throughout the mix.

The music steadily builds up, and the noises that jumped out in the intro take a step back as a pulsing bassline captures the spotlight and synergizes with a futuristic digital loop that sounds like it's about to explode. Then a rhythm comes, causing a cadence that we were not expecting. Furthermore, the rhythm is expressive, with a lot to say, and it creates a booming edge that adds to the experience. As the music progresses, a flurry of new noises emerge, drawing us deeper into Spider Plant's cosmos.

Overall, a solid release from Spider Plant and an indication of what to expect from future releases!