REVIEW album Kingdumb Basic (Single)

Kingdumb Brings The Energy With 'Basic'

Basic (Single)


Kingdumb, the man who holds the electronic golden touch, kicks off the party with his newest single, 'Basic'. This one is a fantastic head bopper, and it draws us in, chews us up, and then lures us back in with its charismatic movement.

'Basic,' one of the numerous new releases from Kingdumb, is an energy crowd pleaser. From the moment you hit the play button, the vitality levels skyrocket out of the room, and Kingdumb smashes it with his one-of-a-kind vision coming to life with multicolour. Also, one of his most energising qualities is that he does not adhere to the norm.

'Bruv just face it, come at me bro your basic', whirls around the mix and the mind long after the track has concluded. During this time, a profoundly textured synth loop finds itself on top of a foot-tapping drum rhythm, and it wraps itself around us like a wall of sound. The beat does not alter too much during the track and does not stand out too much, but it contributes a fundamental basis to the piece, and it works by keeping us firmly in place throughout the entire performance.

'Eastern Peak' is the B-side to 'Basic,' and it sounds very much like the video game music that was popular in the 1980s and 1990s. The opener has a pulsing synth that stretches itself until a loop that sounds like Pac-Man rises with a nail-biting tempo, which whisks us away from our surroundings and into the insane yet exciting realm of Kingdumb!