REVIEW album Kingdumb Drive With Me (Single)

Kingdumb Has The Key With 'Drive With Me'

Drive With Me (Single)


Swindon singer-songwriter and producer is revving his engine and nailing it with new single, 'Drive With Me'. As Kingdumb takes us for a ride, the head is swaying, and we can feel the brisk fall wind blowing in our face.

As we gravitate toward the speakers, we realise that we are transfixed on the groove that was laid down by the producer, who has gone from strength to strength over the course of the past several years. He is flowing with content, and it seems as though he is getting even better with each new release. The song has the feel of late summer, and Kingdumb clearly put a lot of heart into putting this one together, as evidenced by the passion that comes through in the music.

The atmosphere of the tune is very distinctive in comparison to what we usually hear with the music of this genre. In addition, it would appear that Kingdumb has derived some of his inspiration from music that were likely released years or perhaps decades before he was born. However, he does not go too far in the opposite direction, and he is able to keep his music relevant to what else is happening in the electronic music and hip hop scene at the moment.

This song's flip side is called 'Hype Raga', and it's a flamboyant track proving that Kingdumb's creative has no bounds! Also, after hearing 'Drive With Me', it makes sense how everything is flowing together. Great job, Kingdumb!