REVIEW album Kevin Whitaker Part Of Me (Single)

Part Of Me Loves This Song And That Part Is All Of Me

Part Of Me (Single)

Kevin Whitaker

Imagine the 80s made a revival in today's decade... we already know it's happening and it's inevitable. Kevin Whitaker is a US artist that has been on my radar for a while and has been bringing back the distinctive sounds of the 80s to today's present day. Creating energetic music with ounces of star-quality throughout its arrangements, he has had a great interest and enthusiasm for music from a young age. Strongly influenced by the euro-pop movement, Kevin’s vocals are mysterious, raspy and full of emotion. Detailing the internal battle with yourself, 'Part Of Me' is all about beating the negative thoughts. It's also about cutting out the toxic relationships and finding a 'part of me' that I love. Standing for compassion and always dreaming, Kevin Whitaker is a relatable songwriter that creates music best described as infectiously effortless. Armed with a broad range of inspirations, Kevin gains influence from everywhere including the hard metal scene to the 80s pop era. Musically endearing and captivating, ‘Part of Me’ will instantly become a part of your daily routine and become your daily drug. Bathed in bewitching vocals and one hell of a production, Kevin wrote, recorded and produced everything on the track.

Part Of Me loves this song... and that part is all of me. More music like this please Kevin - you can truly hear how connected he is with songwriting and that makes me want to listen more.