REVIEW album Lawrence Preston Something For You

Hear Lawrence Preston's Music And Feel The Soul: "Something For You"

Something For You

Lawrence Preston

Introducing Lawrence Preston: the Bass-Playing Guiding Light of Modern Soul. Many of us find comfort in the tried and tested and it’s reassuring to know that in these days of click tracks and auto tune, real soul still exists.

Meet Lawrence Preston, the multi-instrumentalist whose singing and bass-playing is taking modern soul music by storm! Born into a musical family, Lawrence Preston began learning to play trombone, guitar and bass from an early age and by 19, his musical skill had already been embedded into pop culture after being recommended to and playing music with ‘Oh, Happy Day’ singer, Dorothy Morrison for a period in the1980s. Taking his time to truly learn his craft, Lawrence emerged in the 1990s as an artist with a wealth of experience and has now released a killer new single, ‘Something for You’, showcasing his ultra-smooth soul and truly stunning musicianship.

His bass-playing holds a groove and takes on a life of its own that channels Marcus Miller, Rustee Allen and Stanley Clarke - the sound of classic soul combined with modern genre influences such as jazz and gospel to create what he calls ‘Eclectic Soul’. Vocally, Lawrence exudes luscious tones of Aaron Neville, Sam Cooke and Ronald Isley, a sound that seems as effortless to him as breathing yet has such an elegance and precision that you can’t help but be captivated. If you are looking for something real and soulful to fill your musical library , Lawrence Preston should be your go to artist. So, kick back, press play and get ready to be moved by the uplifting sound of Lawrence Preston’s Something For You.