Introducing: Dogfeet

Published on November 22,2015 by Jo Wells

Take someone who is seemingly mostly consumed by mainstream music and only that. Even though...

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Doing it her own way: Grimes' Art Angels

Published on November 20,2015 by Ellie Brown

If anything is certain about Claire Boucher, known better by her stage name Grimes, it is that...

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Ost & Kjex Take Freedom to Another Level

Published on November 20,2015 by Derval McCloat

Oooooooooh YEAH! That’s only the start of what happens when you press play on ‘Freedom Wig’, the...

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'My Love Is Cool' and pretty awesome too!

Published on November 20,2015 by Mark Jennings

This year I decided to set myself a challenge… to listen to all the nominations for the Mercury...

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Train ride review of '25'

Published on November 20,2015 by Steven McCormick

I listened to the album on my way into work this morning on the train. The goal was to get...

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Emilie & Ogden release ethereal debut '10 000'

Published on November 20,2015 by Safi Bugel

When paired together, the words "girl" and "harp" inevitably make Joanna Newsom spring to mind....

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The Hell Insist You Lose Your Shit In 'Brutopia'

Published on November 16,2015 by Nathan Roach

The Hell is a band unlike any other. When it comes to commanding groove metal, strong hardcore...

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Foxing Deal Out Emotions

Published on November 16,2015 by Danny Fox

Emo revival has definitely been a big thing recently, almost 20 years have passed from the...

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Anna von Hausswolff's 'The Miraculous' is a Mesmerising Colossus

Published on November 16,2015 by Derval McCloat

Anna von Hausswolff has just released her third album, ‘The Miraculous’,and the title could not...

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Going solo works

Published on November 12,2015 by Lawrence Taylor

So... no long winded intros, no band or artist history, no ‘in depth’ look into why a solo...

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