The Front Bottoms are 'Back On Top' with new album

Published on September 30,2015 by James Pettit

I remember the shock of listening to The Front Bottoms for the first time because of how honest...

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Bullet For My Valentine Are Set To Reclaim Their Throne

Published on September 30,2015 by Blaine Marshall

Bullet for my Valentine were one of the biggest UK metal bands of the late noughties, and for...

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Parkway Drive Breathe Fire With 'IRE'

Published on September 29,2015 by Nathan Roach

Parkway Drive leap back onto the scene, focusing primarily on the concept of being bred to be...

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Editors dream up a beauty of a fifth album

Published on September 27,2015 by Mary Long

I have loved the sound of Editors since I nearly wept pure vodka tears at an intimate little...

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There will come a time, for a Wearside Poet

Published on September 26,2015 by John Hayhurst

After you've released a couple of self funded EPs and you get a phonecall out of the blue...

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Beautifully Brooding Autumnal Canadiana

Published on September 26,2015 by John Hayhurst

Canadian Folk Americana, is there such a thing? ‘Canadiana’ (patent pending), whatever it is,...

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Welcome To

Published on September 25,2015 by Mark Jennings

Ever wanted to be a music reviewer? Keen to share your thoughts on the music you love? Now you...

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The Black Dahlia Murder Spew Intensity With 'Abysmal'

Published on September 21,2015 by Nathan Roach

The Black Dahlia Murder have never been an act for the faint of heart and with their endless well...

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Slayer Fight Back Strong After the Loss of Hanneman

Published on September 20,2015 by Lewis Miltenberger

After 6 years, Slayer have released their eleventh studio album, ‘Repentless’. A lot has...

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New Order - Best Album Yet?

Published on September 19,2015 by Lawrence Taylor

I have had a stormy relationship with Joy Division/ New Order. I liken them to an awkward student...

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