Kings Of The Castle? Palace's Debut Escapes The Indie Brand

Published on October 20,2014 by Review from old page

London quartet Palace bring us their debut ‘Lost In The Night'. A stunningly composed...

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Oscar And The Wolf's Debut Entity Has All The Right E's

Published on October 14,2014 by Review from old page

Electronic, emotional and empowering, Oscar and the Wolf's new album Entity is released on...

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Glass Caves Come Alive With Exceptional Debut

Published on October 04,2014 by Review from old page

I honestly couldn’t be more excited to tell you about Glass Caves’ debut album...

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DEMS Debut Is Just... WOW!

Published on September 30,2014 by Review from old page

“DEMS LP Muscle Memory is set to be released on the 3rd November” is a generic and bad way...

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Sea Oleena’s New Record Sends Us Into Deep Escapism

Published on September 24,2014 by Review from old page

Sea Oleena’s new album Shallow is perhaps the most relaxing and transportive album I have...

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More Lows Than Highs On Catfish & The Bottlemen's Debut "The Balcony"

Published on September 23,2014 by Review from old page

There’s been a huge amount of hype surrounding the launch of Catfish and The Bottlemen’s...

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Be Free With Hong Kong

Published on September 22,2014 by Review from old page

Pressing play on my laptop to Hong Kong’s LP “High Noon” I’m eager to hear this artists...

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Soaring, Progressive, Sharp Technical Metal From The Contortionist

Published on September 17,2014 by Review from old page

Recovering from the loss of their vocalist, Indiana's The Contortionist reach new heights...

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Fiancé's Debut EP1 Wets Our Appetite For Their Experimental Pop Future

Published on September 17,2014 by Review from old page

Fiancé formed in January 2013 in Newark, Delaware, and completed their line-up...

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Keep Your Eyes On Departure From Normal...

Published on September 15,2014 by Review from old page

Pouring another pint at my casual bar job, I find myself nodding my head to the beat...

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