Issues' Hooligan Army Conquer Cardiff

Published on May 30,2016 by Nathan Roach

The British squadron of the hooligan army had been waiting patiently for the five-piece to return...

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Bloody Ears Bloody Hell

Published on May 26,2016 by Luke Forshaw

It was loud. My God, it was so very loud. Carrying off where previous instalments had left...

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CuT-ting The Mustard

Published on May 26,2016 by Nick McCoy

"Sorry," says CuT singer and guitarist Dan Gigaseri in his distinctively amiable East London...

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Band Of Skulls... Still Cool.

Published on May 26,2016 by Hannah West

Being a big fan of these guys I was extremely excited to catch them at the Electric Ballroom in...

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Catfish and The Bottlemen Live At The Electric Ballrom

Published on May 25,2016 by Jessica Corp

This week I had the pleasure of seeing the winners of the ‘ British Breakthrough Act’ Brit Award,...

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Wheatus Travel In Time

Published on May 25,2016 by Stephen Cripps

According to Wikipedia, Wheatus haven't done anything anybody has cared about since the the...

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Fifty Years Of Fun, Sun & Staying Young

Published on May 24,2016 by Nathan Roach

Fifty long years have passed since the Californian quintet first released ‘Pet Sounds’ to the...

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The Revival Has Begun!

Published on May 23,2016 by Emmanuel Ibitomisin

Even Cory described the venue as the most beautiful venue he has performed at on this current...

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Yuck: Quite A Tasty Offering

Published on May 21,2016 by Joseph Arwen-Langham

In the few years since their 2011 self-titled début, Yuck have been on a roller-coaster of a...

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St. Lucia Delight At The Dome

Published on May 20,2016 by Abbey Wirth

Arriving on time like a nerdy kid on the first day of school, we were there for both of the...

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