Who's A Sweaty Boy Then?

Published on September 11,2016 by Luke Forshaw

“We’re not here for a nice time, we’re here to play rock and roll”. True to their word, this...

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Rock The Boat - SWMRS Smash It Up At Thekla

Published on September 09,2016 by Nathan Roach

Is there a more fitting venue for a Californian band named SWMRS (formerly Emily’s Army) to play...

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Take Note Of Tokyo Tea Room

Published on September 08,2016 by Hannah West

Gigging around Kent and London for some time now, Tokyo Tea Room are becoming more and more...

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Conan Rattle The Forum's Foundations

Published on September 05,2016 by Emily Kyne

UK heavy metal trio Conan are the group burdened/blessed with opening proceedings for legendary...

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The Temper Trap, Thank You!

Published on August 31,2016 by Hannah West

Everybody knows the song, the high pitch that sets the tone. But do they know the band. The other...

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Pearl Jam Take Over Wrigley Field

Published on August 24,2016 by Raj Saha

Seattle gave birth to Pearl Jam. Chicago gave birth to Eddie Vedder. This was no more evident...

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It's All Happening For Delamere

Published on August 18,2016 by Joseph Arwen-Langham

The Happening, held at The Bodega, Nottingham played host to a weekend of live music showcasing...

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Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Published on August 16,2016 by Alison Millington

I’d been warned that American indie folk band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros deliver a...

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Organised Scum

Published on August 16,2016 by Andy Haggerstone

Organised Scum need to be on your radar. The London-based band have only played a handful of...

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The Wonder Years Hit Sin City

Published on July 31,2016 by Nathan Roach

The Wonder Years have existed for over ten years, and through that period they have brought their...

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