Wage War On Tour

Published on December 10,2016 by Charlie Watkinson

The O2 Ritz with the famous bouncing dance floor was ready for the night ahead of "this could be...

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Angela McCluskey & Chris Stills At The Federal Bar, North Hollywood

Published on December 08,2016 by Henry Eshelman

As the weather turns cool there’s no cozier place for music fans than KCRW-FM’s Gary Calamar’s...

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School Night Rock

Published on December 07,2016 by Charlie Watkinson

With the release of slowcoaches new album 'Nothing Gives' their UK tour was definitely going to...

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Astonishing Instrumentalist With A Soulful Sound

Published on December 06,2016 by Marijana Mladenić

Any night of the week is a good night in London when it comes to music. Sunday is no exception....

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Kaleo Kill It At Koko

Published on December 05,2016 by Hannah West

First hearing "Way down we go", I was frozen. I literally sat still in my chair and just...

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What Do You Do On A Saturday Night? You Go To A Metal Concert & Drink Beer!

Published on December 04,2016 by Mark Ellis

What do you do on a Saturday night... you go to a metal concert and drink beer! The words from...

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I'll Make It Up To You

Published on December 02,2016 by Charlie Watkinson

Arriving at the gig 10 minutes before doors opened and not seeing a que of people was strange. I...

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Desert Mountain Tribe Headline Electrowerkz

Published on December 01,2016 by David M Trent

Establishing themselves in the so called neo psych scene in 2014 with the release of their DIY...

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Sublime Sounds In Oslo, Hackney

Published on November 30,2016 by Marijana Mladenić

On a cold winter's evening my gig buddy and I, pleased that we'd successfully navigated the...

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The Best Dressed Band In Rock... On The Train To Stardom!

Published on November 29,2016 by Mark Ellis

Tonight was about Terrorvision and that's who the capacity Ritz crowd were here to see... but...

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