The Room Was Alive

Published on November 28,2016 by Charlie Watkinson

The line of eager fans outside sound control brought anticipation to anyone passing by the venue...

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A Spellbinding Night Of Storytelling

Published on November 28,2016 by Marijana Mladenić

Having been offered tours in Germany and Switzerland almost immediately after the band formed in...

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Billy Bragg & Joe Henry Keep The Lights On In "War Against Cynicism"

Published on November 28,2016 by James Hurley

Billy Bragg wrote 'Tomorrow’s Going to be a Better Day' as part of a “war against cynicism”, he...

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Expectations Are A Heavy Crown

Published on November 26,2016 by Beth Charlesworth

Openers The Wild Lies have been undergoing something of a metamorphosis of late. They started...

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Anyone For Mulled Wine?

Published on November 22,2016 by Charlie Watkinson

I arrived at Manchester Sound Control with my camera in my hand and a stomach full of butterflies...

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Delirium In Manchester... Welcome To The Asylum!

Published on November 20,2016 by Mark Ellis

Opening the show tonight was Genus Ordinus Dei who warmed the crowd up with with their intense...

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He's Alright Jack!

Published on November 14,2016 by John Hayhurst

It’s the evening after a whole day of ‘Trump is President’ announcements and Jack Garratt has...

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"You Can't Joke A Joker"

Published on November 14,2016 by Nathan Roach

For a band such as this, it would not be the same if their near sold out November tour had...

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“Dorje Are Here & They Sure As Hell Mean Business”

Published on November 13,2016 by Mark Ellis

“We love Yorkshire…” announced Rabea Massaad, Lead guitar player of Dorje. Well I tell you what...

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Oh What A Night!

Published on November 11,2016 by Rachel Prew

So I was given the pleasure to photograph a great up and coming indie pop band called Passport To...

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