What Do You Do On A Saturday Night? You Go To A Metal Concert & Drink Beer!

Published on December 04,2016 by Mark Ellis

What do you do on a Saturday night... you go to a metal concert and drink beer! The words from...

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I'll Make It Up To You

Published on December 02,2016 by Charlie Watkinson

Arriving at the gig 10 minutes before doors opened and not seeing a que of people was strange. I...

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Desert Mountain Tribe Headline Electrowerkz

Published on December 01,2016 by David M Trent

Establishing themselves in the so called neo psych scene in 2014 with the release of their DIY...

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Sublime Sounds In Oslo, Hackney

Published on November 30,2016 by Marijana Mladenić

On a cold winter's evening my gig buddy and I, pleased that we'd successfully navigated the...

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The Best Dressed Band In Rock... On The Train To Stardom!

Published on November 29,2016 by Mark Ellis

Tonight was about Terrorvision and that's who the capacity Ritz crowd were here to see... but...

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The Room Was Alive

Published on November 28,2016 by Charlie Watkinson

The line of eager fans outside sound control brought anticipation to anyone passing by the venue...

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A Spellbinding Night Of Storytelling

Published on November 28,2016 by Marijana Mladenić

Having been offered tours in Germany and Switzerland almost immediately after the band formed in...

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Billy Bragg & Joe Henry Keep The Lights On In "War Against Cynicism"

Published on November 28,2016 by James Hurley

Billy Bragg wrote 'Tomorrow’s Going to be a Better Day' as part of a “war against cynicism”, he...

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Expectations Are A Heavy Crown

Published on November 26,2016 by Beth Charlesworth

Openers The Wild Lies have been undergoing something of a metamorphosis of late. They started...

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Anyone For Mulled Wine?

Published on November 22,2016 by Charlie Watkinson

I arrived at Manchester Sound Control with my camera in my hand and a stomach full of butterflies...

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