A Gentleman & The Scholars

Published on October 17,2016 by Mark Jennings

Having never been to a gig in a church before I was intrigued to see how everything would come...

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Made In The Manor

Published on October 17,2016 by Nosa Malcolm

UK rapper/actor Kano graced the stage of Engine Rooms Southampton to a sold-out crowd and showed...

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Something Special

Published on October 16,2016 by Laura Toomer

Cherie Jones is the 25-year-old behind JONES. The London soul singer with a smooth and powerful...

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L.A. Salami & The Soul Sound

Published on October 13,2016 by Tiago Toledo

Amaroun They're a band using simple compositions and without harmonic surprises with a secure...

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Brothers Magill Resuscitate Flower Power

Published on October 13,2016 by Luke Forshaw

Psychedelic funk music. What isn’t there to like? It’s not quite the sunny-beach-day vibes of...

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'Only Built 4 Cuban Linx' Live

Published on October 09,2016 by Nosa Malcolm

1995 saw the release of ‘Only Built 4 Cuban Linx’, Raekwon’s solo album heavily featuring fellow...

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"We Can Finally Live Up To Our Name"

Published on October 08,2016 by Luke Forshaw

You’d have thought transitioning a record so sample-heavy into a live environment would be...

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Loyle Carner's Winning Ways

Published on October 08,2016 by Mary Long

Picture this: the year 2046 and a group of middle aged friends are reminiscing about their first...

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Beth Kidsticks It To Leeds

Published on October 05,2016 by Bill Adamson

It is not far off twenty years since the first time that I saw Beth Orton and now here at the...

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DIIV's Rock And Roll Democracy

Published on October 03,2016 by Luke Forshaw

DIIV are a band plagued by reputation, with their previous troublesome exploits concerning...

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