Micko’s Mark Two!

Published on February 20,2018 by Humphrey Fordham

Well, they say a change is as good as a rest, and that was certainly the case with the unveiling...

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Travelling Souls At The New Cross Inn

Published on February 13,2018 by Humphrey Fordham

The unusual background of Tamar Doyle, the leading-light/Singer-Guitarist of the folky combo...

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Early Blues Bloom!

Published on January 12,2018 by Humphrey Fordham

With his more than reverent penchant for pre-WW 2 Delta Blues, Ben Hemming could easily be...

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Help Shape The Future Of The Music Industry

Published on January 12,2018 by Mark Jennings

Whether you’re a fan or artist you can’t help but notice the music industry is changing. If...

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Jeremy Tuplin

Published on January 10,2018 by Humphrey Fordham

Jeremy Tuplin is one of those occasional musicians who, like Badly Drawn Boy with Springsteen’s...

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Dylan Earl At The Betsey Trotwood

Published on January 09,2018 by Humphrey Fordham

Louisiana-based Country star, Dylan Earl certainly showed his London fans last Friday that he was...

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Bringing The Booty Shakers Ball To The Streets Of London

Published on December 06,2017 by Ronnie Chavez

The past decade has seen its fair share of cool indie bands who came out of nowhere to become a...

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Gabi Garbutt & The Illuminations At The Camden Monarch

Published on November 29,2017 by Nick McCoy

Gabi Garbutt’s debut single ‘Armed With Love’ has been getting support from the likes of Radio X...

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To Be Blunt, He Was Brilliant!

Published on November 27,2017 by David Pearce

No, don’t just look at the headline and think, ’What is this guy on?’! Hear me out and, as George...

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Sublime Sounds Full Of Soul

Published on November 14,2017 by Marijana Mladenić

If the river is a symbol of how far we’ve come, then in the words of John Muir “the rivers flow...

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