A Beautiful Display Of Vocal Talent & Professional Musicianship

Published on April 13,2019 by Kane Lewis

Down at Kennington’s renowned jazz club, the Toulouse Lautrec, London dweller, and...

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Pyschic Misfire @ Amersham Arms

Published on March 15,2019 by Alan Medley

Psychic Misfire featured at the Amersham and did not disappoint. With a handful of well chosen...

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The Magnettes Live Prove Punchy And Powerful

Published on March 04,2019 by Florence Katt

The Magnettes are a pop trio hailing from Pajala, a sleepy town home to just 2,000 residents ten...

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A Real Renaissance Lady

Published on March 03,2019 by David Pearce

After many years following Barbara Dickson’s career I finally got a chance to see her live at the...

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Metallica: A Turbo Charged Touring Machine

Published on November 29,2018 by Renee Mirsky

With a recent stellar album release piggybacked with an enormous tour in support of it, it is a...

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Forth Time Around!

Published on November 22,2018 by Humphrey Fordham

On paper, this review is somewhat superfluous. This is the fourth time that I have reviewed Micko...

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Strange Brew!

Published on November 17,2018 by Humphrey Fordham

A band such as Boston-based quartet Magic Shoppe - whose members are American, Canadian and Irish...

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Oh, What A Knight!

Published on October 09,2018 by Nick McCoy

When this reviewer comes to list a few of his favourite things, raindrops on roses and whiskers...

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Wall Of Sound Keeps Building

Published on September 05,2018 by Nick McCoy

It's pretty telling that the day before a film about the collapse of one iconic 90s beats and...

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Ten Years Today Rockin' At Onafhankelijke Label Markt

Published on August 28,2018 by Natalie Nytrova

Ten Years Today is a fresh Dutch power pop trio coming from Groningen. This band just recently...

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