Europunx Go In Hard At Groezrock

Published on May 11,2016 by Stephen Cripps

The 25th edition of Groezrock festival in the quiet Belgian town of Meerhout hadn’t gotten off to...

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Hats Off To Flying Vinyl

Published on April 15,2016 by Mary Long

Flying Vinyl is a new concept still barely in its toddler years, but hitting all those important...

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SXSW 2016 - Our Top Picks From 5 Days In Austin...

Published on March 26,2016 by Paul Melbourne

So, we were back in Austin for SXSW for the first time in a few years. We were quickly...

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Gilles Peterson Worldwide Awards - a night to discover, enjoy and dance

Published on January 28,2016 by Dave Polonsky

Gilles Peterson has been hosting his Worldwide Awards for 11 years now, which in itself is a...

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Wonderfruit - Festival Delights of the Far East

Published on January 04,2016 by Sophie Simpson

Tucked away in the luscious palm filled mountains, sits an eclectic Thai festival that is...

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Mutations Festival left me dazed and discombobulated

Published on December 06,2015 by Mary Long

The inaugural year of Mutations Festival promised a two day bonanza of up and coming music spread...

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Car Seat Headrest Delivers A Sterling Set For CMJ

Published on November 17,2015 by Alex Keblish

Among the acts getting a fair degree of hype thrown at them at this years CMJ Music Marathon, Car...

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Neon Indian, CMJ Music Marathon Webster Hall

Published on November 16,2015 by Alex Keblish

Neon Indian plays a danceable, funky electro-pop – at times it feels like Prince re-invented in...

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Marlon Williams, CMJ Music Marathon Upstairs at Pianos

Published on November 16,2015 by Alex Keblish

Some folks I met from Australia who were in town for the marathon told me I HAD to check out New...

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Crystal Fighters lead the way at Day of the Dead Festival

Published on November 13,2015 by Hannah West

Day of the Dead dawned on us last Saturday and what a great way to celebrate the Dia De Los...

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