Anvil Are Back To Set The World Straight

Published on February 22,2016 by Beth Charlesworth

What makes Anvil Anvil? According to Lips Kudlow, the band's songs all start with him coming up...

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MOTHXR Experimental Pop Piece

Published on February 20,2016 by Daniel Sado

MOTHXR is a band that heralds from Brooklyn, AKA the East London of New York or as Penn Badgley...

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Striker Take Long Shots And Still Score

Published on February 19,2016 by Beth Charlesworth

If a thrashy opening track like 'Phoenix Lights' can be said to lull one at all, it might be into...

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This Empty House Is Still A Winning Hand

Published on February 18,2016 by David Pearce

Norwegian band Snøskred (the ø is pronounced like I in bird), are the latest Scandinavian act...

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Stoned & Psyched Under The Glare Of A Different Sun

Published on February 17,2016 by Derval McCloat

In many ways, Different Sun, the new album from Norwegian band, Electric Eye, is a continuation...

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An Album For Believers Old And New

Published on February 16,2016 by David Pearce

You may not instantly recognise the name of the group, but as soon as you hear the ethereal...

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Wendy James - Price Of The Ticket (too much)!

Published on February 14,2016 by John Hayhurst

You take a pistol, a stooge and a bad seed, combine them with Patti Smith’s guitarist and a sexy...

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Mistake Listening To It Sober

Published on February 12,2016 by Beth Charlesworth

Well, at least they're honest about it. When asked how they've progressed over their musical...

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Lost Society Grow In Strides With 'Braindead'

Published on February 11,2016 by Nathan Roach

Lost Society have built quite the reputation for themselves over the last few years in the...

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Under The Influence Of Genius

Published on February 09,2016 by David Pearce

"Glimmer", the album opener has a Eurythmics style backing track with Rachel Harvey’s soaring...

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