Laura Welsh's ‘Soft Control’ Creates Powerful Presence

Published on January 13,2015 by Review from old page

The manner of experimentation through Laura Welsh’s new album ‘Soft Control’, conveys...

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Light You Up's Debut Stands Up For Youth Culture

Published on January 10,2015 by Review from old page

‘Light You Up’ with their forthcoming album ‘All We’ve Ever Known’, bring to the table a...

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Tigercats 'Mysteries' Delivers Fizz & A More Mature Sound

Published on January 09,2015 by Review from old page

Tigercats second album ‘Mysteries’, their first on Fortuna Pop, sees them stay with their...

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Desperate Journalist Debut Ticks All The Right Boxes

Published on January 07,2015 by Review from old page

Desperate Journalist’s self-titled debut album builds on the fantastic single they...

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Young Tongue's Psyschedelia Provides Interesting Direction For The Old Family Of Five

Published on December 30,2014 by Review from old page

After six years together as ‘The Baker Family’, Texas based indie fivesome have renamed...

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Only Two Years In, Polar Circles Are Under The Influence

Published on December 30,2014 by Review from old page

Polar Circles, a Swiss four-piece rock band based in Lausanne, release their debut...

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The Shoegaze Revival Is Strengthened Through Pinkshinyultrablast's Debut

Published on December 16,2014 by Review from old page

2014 has arguably been the best year for shoegaze in the last two decades. The...

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The Black Lamps Create A Debut Masterpiece

Published on December 08,2014 by Review from old page

It took less than a minute of previewing 'The Archivist' by The Black Lamps before...

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WACO Bring Back The Heart Of Punk With Debut EP "Sundown"

Published on December 04,2014 by Review from old page

Christmas is just around the corner with glistening lights, children laughing and the...

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Hardcore Turns Rock & Roll; Catching Up With Veldts

Published on November 24,2014 by Review from old page

From the ashes of hardcore-outfit Blackhole come Veldts, a four-piece from Hertfordshire...

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